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Collaborating Postdoctorate Researchers

Our international postdoctorate collaborators are working toward studying how racism influences the brain development of middle-class people of color. Our analysis of the ABCD and ADNI data shows that due to racism and discrimination, the effects of education and parental education on neurocognitive outcomes such as memory are weaker for Black than White children and older adults. 



Babak Najand, MD

Focused on cognitive and behavioral therapy.

Golnoush Akhlaghipour

Golnoush Akhlaghipour, MD

Focused on brain development and health in children and older adults.

N Maharlouei-1_edited.jpg

Najmeh Maharlouei, MD

Focused on women's health and child development.

Arash Rahmani_edited.jpg

Arash Rahmani, MD

Focused on the cognitive reserve of older adults.


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