Scholars Engaged in MDRs Research Program

Several undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdoctorate research associates are collaborating with the MDRs Center to analyze publicly available data sets to understand how racism impacts the health and well-being of middle-class people of color in the United States.

Students from Charles R Drew University (CDU) and University of Michigan (UM) are studying how racism influences the brain development of middle-class children of color. Our analysis of the ABCD data shows that due to racism and discrimination, the effects of parental education and household income on neurocognitive outcomes such as executive function, memory, inhibitory control, and emotion are all weaker for Black and Latino than non-Latino White children. We have also found weaker effects of SES on functional and structural brain measures for Black and Latino than non-Latino White children. 


Associate Professor, Wayne State University

Brianna J Preiser .jpg

Brianna J. Preiser

PhD Student, Clinical Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno

Yuet Yeung (2)_edited.jpg

Yuet Yeung

BS Student, UROP Student, University of Michigan


LeeAnne Brownlee

BS Student, UROP Student, University of Michigan

Collaborating Postdoctorate Research Scholars

Golnoush Akhlaghipour

Golnoush Akhlaghipour, MD

Focused on brain development and health in children and older adults.


Babak Najand, MD

Focused on cognitive and behavioral therapy.